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Pregnancy Massage Dublin

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What to Expect During Your Pregnancy Massage in Dublin

Pregnancy Massage Dublin
Why Choose Bali Wellness Dublin for Your Pregnancy Massage?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Massage Dublin

Yes, it is safe to have a pregnancy massage whether in first, second, or third trimesters. But our methods depend on the trimester of pregnancy and guarantee your comfort and safety of operations.

The choice of pregnancy massages depends on how frequent they are required by the persons. Some of the women who gain colossal advantages include expectant mothers who should attend the sessions weekly or at least monthly.

Thus, pregnancy massage is not a technique that aims at precipitating labour. They are not related to labor stimulation, but to relaxation, as all our techniques are performed carefully.

It is suggested that you wear flowing clothes for your session because very tight clothing can be uncomfortable. There is nothing to worry about as clothing is only removed up to under garments and you will be covered with a sheet or a towel during the massage.

Even though pregnancy massage is largely safe, there are some conditions that require certain changes or precautions to be observed. The therapists would like to know any medical conditions or concerns you may have, please disclose this during the assessment session.

Pregnancy Massage Dublin

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