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Hot Stone Massage Dublin
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Stone Massage Dublin

Yes, Hot Stone Massage is pretty harmless for most people. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you let your therapist know of any health issues that you have or think you might have before the session. This enables them to also perfect the treatment they are providing.

The number of sessions depends on the desired results and each client is a unique case in which needs are considered. There are individuals who would prefer any frequency of session that is available like a weekly session while others may feel that a monthly session is enough. Their times may vary and our therapists will discuss a suitable schedule with you.

A large number of consumers use Hot Stone Massage to manage chronic pain that is associated with various ailments. The heat can alleviate muscle tension and increase blood flow in a given area hence boosting with healing process caused by the pressure. In case a client has a chronic pain issue, we suggest that a client consult with a therapist how a hot stone massage is going to benefit them.

To your massage session, you should wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be required to disrobe down to your optimal level of comfort and the massage therapist will leave the room while you position yourself on the massage table fully covered with sheet or towel.

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