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Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin

Anticellulite Massage

Cellulite can affect both men and women, but due to the different distribution of fat, muscles and connective tissue, it is more common in women. Between 80 and 90 percent of women suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives.

Anti Cellulite Treatment
Anti Cellulite Treatment

First Anticellulite Treatment

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of cellulite is unknown, but it appears to be due to an interaction between the connective tissue of the dermatological layer beneath the skin’s surface and the fat layer directly below.
In women, the fat cells and connective tissue of this layer are arranged vertically.

When fat cells protrude from the skin layer, the appearance of cellulite occurs.

In men, the tissue has a cruciform structure, which may explain why they are less likely to suffer from cellulite than women.

Certain other factors appear to be associated with the risk of cellulite.

Best Anti Cellulite Massage

It works similarly to other clinical cellulite treatments, using a rotating ball device that simultaneously heats, suctions and massages the affected area. Its selling point is that it comes with an infrared device that claims to reduce fat cells and increase metabolism while smoothing the surface of the skin and reducing the circumference of the treated area.

It can be used in various places, including buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms. Now, I take all claims about melting fat with a grain of salt and was definitely skeptical, but for the sake of investigative journalism, I offered up my thighs.

Anti Cellulite Treatment
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The Process

High Quality Anti Cellulite Treatment

The treatment lasted about 45 minutes, with a good ten minutes spent on each section, including the front and back of each leg and the bottom of the buttocks. During the first session, the infrared heat on the front of the legs was a little intense, but on the second visit it felt like a warm deep tissue massage. They also used the highest setting so they could reduce the heat for more sensitive people.

From the third session I really liked the sensation of the suction and the rolling balls, I did a cycle of six treatments and from the fourth session I saw a clear difference. Since the treatment increases lymphatic drainage, I was advised to drink plenty of water to flush toxins and excess fluid from the body. So I found myself running to the bathroom a lot for a day or two after each treatment.

Touch The Future of Cellulite Reduction

At least 80% of women have some degree of cellulite.

Through a revolutionary combination of two proven and effective technologies, UNISON BTL is the only machine that treats all five causes of cellulite without downtime.

Aedes Exilis uses radio frequency and acoustic shock wave frequency to tighten the skin and reduce five types of cellulite. This treatment uses heat and vibration. Heated and crushed fat deposits; This is drained by the liver and lymphatic system. This is a solid penetration, with which anti-aging cellulite treatment Dublin work in the context of the fat tissue layer.

This treatment acts on the hypertrophy of fat cells, collagen and elastin fibers, loss of elasticity, improvement of lymphatic flow and circulation, metabolism and the accumulation of waste products.

Anti Cellulite Treatment
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Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin

In 2007, Wayan was lucky enough to be awarded a place in the Top 5 Massage Therapists in Ireland and Northern Ireland by IBPA (Irish Beauty Industry Awards) which anti-aging cellulite treatment Dublin was extremely delighted to receive and to this day she strives to give her clients the best treatment that she strongly feels that they deserve.

Due to her increasing popularity as a massage therapist Wayan eventually decided to start her own business and offer a warm,

relaxing atmosphere to her clients in her own rooms in Dublin city. Anti-aging cellulite treatment Dublin began her independent career in the Dublin Wellness Centre and now she can be found in the oasis of the Himalayan Beauty Salon on beautiful St. Stephens Green.

Ni Wayan Tarpidi was born in Bali, Indonesia and graduated from the University of Bali with a degree in Economic Management – completely different from what her profession is now!

Wayan first became interested in massage therapy as a child. Little did anti-aging cellulite treatment Dublin know that this was to be one of the most fulfilling profession’s she could have chosen.

After graduating from Balinese Massage School, Wayan worked for 3 years in a range of exclusive, 5-star resorts and spa’s throughout Bali. In 2001 anti-aging cellulite treatment Dublin moved to Malaysia to work for the 5-star resort & spa – “Pangkor Laut Resort and Spa” villages. From there Wayan was afforded the opportunity to move to Ireland where her massage career brought her to the “Mingala Centre for Natural Healing” in Athlone, Co Westmeath, the beautiful “Mandala Spa” at La Stampa Hotel in Dublin city centre and the hugely popular “Serenity Day Spa” (Nuala Woulfe Beauty Salon) in Glasthule, Co Dublin.

Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin

Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin

Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin
Anti-aging Cellulite Treatment Dublin